Emplyee/Volunteer Appreciation Day

Employee/Volunteer Appreciation Day

Posted : Mar-05-2022

2022 Employee/Volunteer Appreciation Day

Over the past two years we have all had to work hard under very unusual circumstances. We’ve weathered the storms of remote, hybrid, and frontline work during a pandemic to keep our parishes open and welcoming to the public and our offices available to provide support. Some of us have worked from the kitchen table with our pets instead of colleagues. Others have gone to the parish or office regularly due to the essential nature of their work. At various points, our working parents have juggled phone calls and tasks while helping their children complete their schooling remotely. Many good employees have retired without the usual fanfare and a proper send off because of the pandemic restrictions. We’re all a little tired and want this to be behind us.

As we celebrate another Employee Appreciation Day today on Friday, March 4, the Archdiocese of Toronto would like to recognize each member of our parish and archdiocesan teams for their contributions, hard work and dedicated service. During the pandemic you have shown great flexibility, adaptability and a willingness to serve. Employees have kept parishioners engaged to ensure they feel connected and we have seen great collaboration and teamwork as we navigate the pandemic together. We appreciate each of you sharing your gifts and talents to further the mission of the Archdiocese. It would not be possible to accomplish all that we do without your important contributions.

A special thanks goes out to those who have gone above and beyond in keeping our parishes running and open for prayer and Mass. We recognize that this has not been an easy task for our pastors and staff given the various restrictions that have been in place. Our custodians, housekeepers, cooks and administrative staff have been essential throughout this challenging period and we thank them. Chancery departments, satellite offices and parishes also did a great job in adapting and continuing to offer programs and support. No role has been more important than another and all have been needed to get through this challenging time. His Eminence, Cardinal Collins, has guided us and shown unwavering leadership throughout these long months.

While we are grateful every day for your efforts, in a special way today we want to thank you for choosing us as your employer. We are blessed to work alongside such a dedicated staff and appreciate your continued commitment to serve the Archdiocese. I saw a card recently that sums it up nicely, “The difference between a workplace and a nice place to work is the good people who make it so.” Thank you.