“The Christian family springs from marriage, which is an image and a sharing in the partnership of love between Christ and, His Bride, the Church: it will show forth to all people Christ’s living presence in the world and the authentic nature of the Church by the love and generous fruitfulness of the spouses, by their unity and fidelity, and by the way in which all members of the family cooperate with each other.” (Gaudium et Spes 48)

We trust that these guidelines will aid you in planning your wedding at St. Gertrude’s Church.

May your wedding day be one of peace, joy, and happiness.


  1. Please contact the parish office to arrange a meeting with the pastor at least 12 months in advance, to begin required paper work and to set your date for your special day.
  2. Catholic parties in the marriage will be required to submit an updated copy of his/her Baptismal Certificate.
  3. Attendance at a marriage course, following the initial meeting with the pastor.


(To be completed following initial meeting with pastor and a minimum of 3 months before the date of the wedding. The certificate of completion is to be submitted to the office.)

The Marriage Preparation & Family Life Office of Catholic Family Services has recently moved their Marriage Prep courses online to better serve the public during these uncertain times.

If you are planning to get married in the Catholic Church, you can complete a Marriage Prep course online using the Zoom app while we continue to maintain social distancing over the next few months.

The best part is that there is no expiry date on your certificate, which is one thing that you won’t need to worry about while planning your wedding under these difficult circumstances.

To learn more about our classes or to get yourself registered, please visit the Catholic Family Services of Toronto website at