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Give ear to my words, O LORD; give heed to my sighing

Friday, October 27, 2023 07:00 PM to Sunday, October 29, 2023 01:00 PM   |   Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Centre Pickering
Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Centre Pickering

Cross with an open Bible
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SILENT IGNATIAN RETREAT FOR WOMEN: Praying with the Psalms: In the quiet of this retreat the words of the Psalms emerge in a way that helps us to pray. This wondrous book of hymns expresses in language, in poetry, in images, those emotions that dwell deep within us. Refreshed and stirred by the Psalms we discover in ourselves a renewed capacity and desire to present our own selves before God. Facilitated by: Fr. Jim Kelly, SJ Suggested offering: $250.00 Includes two nights accommodation, meals, spiritual direction and program.